Saturday, August 18, 2007

I have a Lewis!!!

I have a new brother, and so it isn't "all about me" anymore. But the adventures continue....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Back in action...

We've been having trouble with the new blogger format, and don't really have time to post here much now that Mose is mobile... so you might want to check over at JewishyIrishy from time to time, where we'll be adding more Mose pics to the mix, and the occasional VIDEO.

For now, stop on over for Mose holiday pics, courtesy of Mose's Grammy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

What Mose did today...

Mose had a big day, shredding up an entire roll of toilet paper and spreading his toys around the house.

Now he's plumb tuckered out.

What did *you* do today?

We doubt *you* were quite so industrious.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Back from a long break!!!

Mose and his momma want to apologize for the long hiatus. Momma has been under the weather, and traveling... and Mose has been too busy TURNING ONE to post to the site. But we thought you'd want to see some of the birthday pics!

There was a big cake (YUM), and a little cake for Mose to put his foot in. There were duckies everywhere (Mose's helped decorate!) and presents and most of all, FRIENDS! Mose had a great time meeting all his Iowa friends, and playing with Sasha and Phoebe was the best! He got cool glasses, and a chef's hat, and a warm frog hat (and mittens) and boxer shorts and alphabet-puzzle-pads, and books and puzzles and a Woody Guthrie CD with Mose's new favorite song on it (keep your skillet good and greasy) and a sorting box, and... and... and...

He only wishes you could have been there!

(We'll be around a lot more now. So check back soon!)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Apologies from Mose's mama...

Between Mose's near-mobility, and Mama's teaching schedule, and Papa's band-schedule... it has been hard to find the time to blog. We apologize.

Things here have been GREAT! (if sniffly)

We've had wonderful visits with Nana and also Grammy and Gramps.

Nana bought Mose a big new chair (see picture), and took him to see the dinosaurs.

Grammy and Gramps bought Mose a duck, and took him to see the giant paintings and a funny house.

Mose appreciates history and culture. Yes he does.

But he also appreciates when people buy him stuff!

(How RUDE!)

UPDATE-- Rats! Blogger is being weird with the pics! If you want more Mose, visit FLICKR!

Monday, October 16, 2006

The girlfriends...

Mose went to his first party yesterday, to celebrate his friend Gianni's first birthday... and there was cake, and balloons and cherry puffs and fruit punch...

And there were LADIES!

And let me tell you, the ladies like MOSE!

Annie and Bea are both pretty cute chicas, but Mose says he loves his mama best of all.

Oh, Mose... your mama loves you too.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mose gets his war on...

Mose is quite the little reader.

Yes indeed... we find little bits of paper everywhere he goes... and the books are often moist when Mose gets finished "reading" them...

In general, he's not picky about the books he "reads", but there *is one book in particular... one book Mose loves best of all. One book Mose actually looks at, turns the pages of... instead of just devouring.

GET YOUR WAR ON! (By David Rees)

The most obvious reason for this is that it's black and red (the colors babies love best) and the cover feels nice and slick and shiny, and then too... it's full of pictures!!! Red pictures!!! Mose loves pictures.

But we prefer to think that Mose is also a little radical. A sarcastic sumbitch with a sharp sense of humor and a critical eye on the current political administration...

We hope Soft Skull will consider a board book version of GYWO, a Rees Reader for the little ones...

A drool proof edition.

It would last longer.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally fall!!!

This morning felt like (finally( fall. And so Mose put on a waffle shirt and his coveralls, and went out into the cool.

There were breezes and frosty marigolds, and Dave was there, and Mose's mom had a cup of coffee, and it STEAMED! Mose picked the marigolds, and gave them to his mom... and put them on his head... and EVERYTHING!

Mose thinks the world is amaaaaaaaazing!


In other news, Mose split his mouth open last night,bit his little tongue, and it bled and bled and was scary for everyone, and Mose did not think it was amaaaaaaazing. Not one bit!

But he's okay now. No need to worry.


(Now... back to the marigolds and the sunbeams on the porch)

At last...

Mose's mom has found a use for all the old farmwife aprons she likes to buy at estate sales.

Thank goodness!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lunch with Mose...

Mose doesn't go for mushy gloppity glop glop.

He likes his foot in chunks.

Tapas for Mose!!!

Enough with the baby food!!!

Bring on the fruit!!!

A special day...

Today. Mose's papa turned OLD!

Mose wanted to tell him "Happy Birthday!"

But not enough to wear a dumb hat.

Sorry, Dad.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love affair...

Mose and Mose's mom find new ways to snuggle wherever they go.

Here they are at Gram and Gramps' place!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

At the airport...

Mose feels very small.

But that's okay. It's an ADVENTURE!

The Red Canoe...

On our most recent trip, Mose got to visit his Baltimore family, including his Uncle Roy, who took him to the most wonderful store ever... the Red Canoe!

Right in Lauraville, two blocks from Boppy and Cheryl's (and Roy's) house, the Red Canoe is an amazing bookstore/cafe'.

Mose thinks everyone needs a Red Canoe, complete with muffins and yummy tomato bisque.

Mose loves books, but Mose loves food more!